I miss the silent connection.

Waking up from the racing mind before my alarm goes off, I thought to myself. I am so tired all the times these days. The people around me says that, too.

I wonder if I am tired of making resultless effort of bonding, making connection; filling the emotional void with zoom calls, phone calls, loud chats across the streets, when really, all I need is just a hug. Just a mutual comfortable silence in the car. Just a feeling of firm arms of solidarity around my shoulders.

It is tiring. Reaching for something or someone and feeling like you didn’t get anywhere. It is tiring to do community work amongst endless marathon of social distancing.

I miss the silent company of people.

That’s what my loud mind was thinking this morning.

Diana Minji Chun

Carnegie Mellon School of Design, Pursuing Master of Interaction Design, Microsoft Product Designer

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